About Fergus

By day I'm a Software Developer and DevOps consultant, at times veering in - and venturing deeper - to Information Security. I've been employed and contracted to multinationals, enterprises, startups and agencies, and have had the pleasure of working in a whole range of environments, including finance, SaaS and healthcare.

I now work for myself, taking on contracts and working under my own company.

Outside of the office I'm an avid runner, photographer, reader, dreamer and an aficionado for the oxford comma. I enjoy getting to grips with politics and current affairs - especially where there's a diplomatic or security angle, and I've began to write some of my thoughts on these subjects over at "Fergus' Musings".

Due to personal circumstances, I've become a big advocate for improving the mental health dialogue in the Tech industry, and breaking down stereotypes that are often sold to younger developers of running on "all-nighters" and caffeine. If this is something that strikes a chord with you, then please get in contact!


Since losing the comfort of a full time position and the continuity of a single team, I've also realised I've lost one of the more satisfying perks of a job: mentoring.

If you're beginning a journey in software development, feel worried about interviews, or need some need some words of advice then feel free to ping me an email.