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Scaffoldr: Automation for new projects

2018-04-01 2 min read Fergus
Software Development is an industry built upon the concept of libraries - reusable packages of source code aimed at providing specific functionality, and frameworks - scaffolding and utilities to increase productivity via the convenience and speed. Therefore it’s fair to say that most software projects begin with the tedious task of configuring frameworks and installing libraries. For a web application that may mean installing your favourite framework, editing some configuration files, and creating the same user and authentication boilerplate. Continue reading

Yes, you can invalidate JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

2018-04-01 6 min read Fergus
JSON Web Tokens are great: they have a well-defined schema, and are simple to implement both as a provider and an integrator. This simplicity has side effects though, and often leads to limitations. For instance; can you invalidate/revoke a token, or “log a user out”? Client side logout - i.e “ditch the token” - is not a solution; rather than actually invalidating the token, this simply loses it - often via purging it from local storage. Continue reading

Meet Parcel: Because you don't have time for Webpack

2018-03-12 3 min read Fergus
I’m not a front-end developer; I often find myself having to work on front-end tasks, or rig up small prototypes.. but that certainly doesn’t make me a front-end developer. Back in 2016 I found myself spending a month working on a React SPA: after a 3 year hiatus of not doing anything front-end related - largely out of choice - I was absolutely stunned with just how archaic the tooling was, not to mention of inefficiences of npm dependency management… 700mb of dependencies for a SPA and numerous dependencies loaded multiple times: it was an “eye opener”. Continue reading

Developing for Linux on the Desktop: dbus

2017-11-04 10 min read Fergus
I’ve previously written about how I feel Linux is a great OS for developers: it’s insanely configurable, it’s easy to customise, there are distributions to suit whichever level of stability you require, and the community around it is thriving. But what about developing for Linux, as opposed to on Linux? Although language choice isn’t much of an issue, there’s clearly a lot more than the language that goes in to developing a working application. Continue reading

Lessons for a New Developer #1: Know your role

2017-10-30 4 min read Fergus
For a new developer, starting your journey in the workplace can be quite a daunting experience: you’re expected to get to grips with unique workflows, understand complex mental models, gain competency with a variety of technologies, and find familiarity with the working styles of multiple other people. A natural place to turn for help and assistance is the internet, and there’s a whole plethora of helpful looking articles covering the technical aspects. Continue reading

Exploring and Admiring The View (First impressions with Vue.js)

2017-10-08 8 min read Fergus
Make no mistake: I’m no front-end developer. The last time I was involved in anything that included a great deal of front-end work was about 2014. (Not that you’d know if you read my recruiter-spam.) That said, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Javascript (I know - masochist, right?), I know my way around a CSS pre-processor like Sass or Less, and I can set up a pretty nifty front-end workflow using Gulp. Continue reading
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