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Tech and Mental Health: What's going on?

2017-08-17 5 min read Fergus
Tech has a problem, and it’s not one that’s going to be fixed with higher-spec servers or the latest software, because this one is “all in the head”. I count myself quite fortunate to have worked alongside some great people in some brilliant environments, and often on interesting projects. There’s been one common thread that has been there throughout all the possible permutations of teams, environments, and projects though; and that’s the underlying question of mental wellbeing. Continue reading

Are you doing "security" wrong?

2017-06-12 4 min read Fergus
If you’ve worked with me, then there’s a good chance you’ll probably be aware that my biggest passion in the workplace is security. It’s a good feeling when you pre-empt a security issue during planning, or spot a potential hole during code-review. Next to mentoring, I’d go as far as to say it’s the most satisfaction a developer can get! Another fact you may know about me is that I enjoy watching other people; and the best thing about being able to embed in different companies for a few months (or weeks) at a time is that I get see how other people tackle familiar challenges, and I can subsequently reflect upon what can be learnt or improved. Continue reading

Basic steps for a new (more secure) you

2017-06-03 6 min read Fergus
Ransomware. Phishing. Data Breaches. Doxing. Sometimes the Internet can feel like a dangerous place, as though you’re only ever a few clicks away from the mafia stealing your credit cards. Fortunately though, this isn’t really the case - and whilst it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin when it comes to keeping ourselves safe, some basic security hygiene can often foil most of the common attacks an average internet user may be faced with. Continue reading
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