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2019-04-08 2 min read Fergus

So it’s that time of year again; one where I inevitably decide to change my blog, in the vein hope that this time I wont neglect it, this time I wont get embarrassed about the lack of activity, this time will be different! Well, we’ll see how that turns out.. In the mean time however*, you may notice a couple of changes:

In depth articles are not here.

Nope. If any post has a reading time of greater then 10minutes, then I’ve made a mistake!

This blog is going to be limited to quite short posts; longer posts - i.e design documents and technical guidance - are now over at articles.fergus.london. This is largely because I found myself with upwards of 50,000 unpublished words: which obviously doesn’t help with the motivation to keep a blog active..

Automated workflow via Hugo

In an another attempt at making sure this is actually updated a bit more, I’ve switched entirely to hugo, with deployment done courtesy of a Gitlab CI pipeline.

I do nearly all of my writing in Markdown as it is, so using anything else seemed like a needless step.

*Note: Right now there’s a few ongoing issues that may distract me, or prevent me from going in to too much detail about work/personal circumstances; I’m limited in what I can actually say at the moment - but all will likely be explained over the course of the next few weeks and/or months.

Kial mi lernas Esperanton, kaj kiel?

2018-11-29 4 min read Fergus
I’ve never learnt any languages (not those ones!) other than English, and this has often felt a bit embarrassing. I’ve definitely flirted with various languages - I did a Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) course when I was a teenager, I tried to learn Swedish when I was spending time working outside Malmö, I tinkered with German on Duolingo before, and at one point I even learnt the Cyrillic alphabet in preperation of giving Russian a go… Continue reading

You can help Europol fight Child Sexual Exploitation.

2018-08-15 2 min read Fergus
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) affects the youngest and most vulnerable in society; with risk factors including emotional instability, social isolation, poverty and prior histories of abuse, it’s not difficult to imagine how cases can often go undetected. Whilst it’s easy to think that the problem of CSE is distant from the UK, this is sadly incorrect; and National Crime Agency figures suggest that around 560 children were trafficked in to the UK for Sexual Exploitation last year, whilst over 2,400 children were abused at the hands of gangs and organised groups during 2010. Continue reading

Road to Recovery: A healthy body is a healthy mind.

2018-06-04 4 min read Fergus
I’ve recently shared my own battles with mental illness, and I also set the scene of a transformative journey that was just beginning. As a progression, I’d like to share some of the techniques and tools I’ve been utilising as I traverse that journey. Today I’d like to share with you some of the physical changes I’ve made. It’s common knowledge that a healthy body enables a healthy mind, and the effect that exercise has on mental health is well documented. Continue reading

Mental Health Awareness Week: A chance to share.

2018-05-15 7 min read Fergus
I recently logged in to Twitter for the first time in 10 weeks, and in a weird twist of fate I saw “#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek” trending; this has prompted me to finally post something that’s been sitting in my drafts for a couple of weeks. If this helps just one person realise that help is available, and that things can improve, then it will have been worth it. Beware though, this may be a long one, and it’s also a bit of a tough one. Continue reading

A taste of my own medicine: My Mental Health, and My SSL Certificates

2018-03-14 3 min read Fergus
It’s with a great deal of anxiety that I write this post, and more will be explained in due time - but I’ve had to take a few weeks out to deal with a mental health crisis. During this time, a lapsed SSL certificate on my personal site is far from a major concern.. but it’s quite a potent analogy. Today I discovered that my SSL certificate had expired for Fergus In London - i. Continue reading

England's lacklustre 2018 Six Nations: ...why?

2018-03-11 6 min read Fergus
Despite a remaining round of fixtures, the 2018 Six Nations title has already been won - with Ireland being crowned victors ahead of their final clash with England. A well deserved title for a team that has not only shown great desire and belief from the first match - as demonstrated by the dramaticism of their late push for victory against France - but also a team that has demonstrated a silky smooth attacking prowess matched with a solid sense of discipline. Continue reading

Motorcycles, Imposter Syndrome, and riding through it.

2018-01-23 5 min read Fergus
I’m learning to ride a motorbike; well, I say learning - it’s more riding about on empty roads dreading the inevitable stall as I approach the next junction! Despite getting to grips with clutch control, passing my theory test with 100%, and completing the mandatory basic training… it’s all a bit duanting. It’s a bit like starting a new role. Legally speaking, to learn to ride a motorcycle in the UK, you simply have to attend a one day class that provides you with the skills to continue learning in a safe manner. Continue reading

On Losing a Friend: Goodbye, Charlie - You were one of a kind.

2017-08-04 3 min read Fergus
It’s with a very heavy heart, and an overwhelming sensation of sheer numbness, that I write this post; for recently has the world not only got a little lonelier, it’s also lost a real character. I recently discovered that one of my best friends, and one of the best friends you could ever ask for, has passed away. Goodbye Charlie, you’re going to be missed. One by one Only the Good die young They’re only flyin’ too close to the sun And life goes on - Without you… Continue reading