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The musings of a man with a keyboard and an internet connection.

About Fergus

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By day I’m a Software and DevOps Engineer, and I’ve had the pleasure of being employed and contracted to multinationals, enterprises, production studios, startups, and agencies. During this time I’ve grappled with a variety of technologies in a variety of environments, including Healthcare, SaaS, and Finance.

More recently I’ve been working for myself, taking on contracts and working under my own company whilst using a whole plethora of different languages and technologies; like Docker, Kubernetes, Linux, CouchDB, Postgres, Golang, Typescript, PHP, Python… you get the message.

I write about some of things I’ve been doing on articles.fergus.london - a place I keep my writing that ends up more in-depth and longer.

Outside of the office I enjoy running, photography, reading, dreaming, playing rugby, and evangelising about the Oxford Comma. I also enjoy getting to grips with politics and current affairs; especially where there’s a diplomatic, geopolitical or security angle.

To contact me simply drop me an email.

Special Causes & Contacting Me

Whilst I welcome contact from anyone, there’s definitely two causes that are close to my heart - and I’d particularly like to hear from you if you’re (a) involved with, or (b) need help with, either of these.

Mental Health in Technology

Due to a combination of my own circumstances, and the circumstances of those around me, I’ve become a big advocate for improving the mental health dialogue in the Tech industry; and much of that revolves around (a) helping to foster a space where people feel comfortable to share their issues, (b) teaching coping strategies and techniques for spotting trouble, © breaking down harmful stereotypes, and (d) ensuring that employers are fulfilling their own role in this situation.


Since abandoning the comfort and continuity of a full time position, I’ve realised that I’ve lost one of the most satisfying perks of the workplace: mentoring. I really do enjoy helping people out and actively taking a role in helping them develop both professionally and personally; and I miss this!

So if you’re beginning a journey in software development, feel worried about interviews, or simply want to ask a few questions - feel free to drop me a message.