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You can help Europol fight Child Sexual Exploitation.

2018-08-15 2 min read Fergus
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) affects the youngest and most vulnerable in society; with risk factors including emotional instability, social isolation, poverty and prior histories of abuse, it’s not difficult to imagine how cases can often go undetected. Whilst it’s easy to think that the problem of CSE is distant from the UK, this is sadly incorrect; and National Crime Agency figures suggest that around 560 children were trafficked in to the UK for Sexual Exploitation last year, whilst over 2,400 children were abused at the hands of gangs and organised groups during 2010. Continue reading

Finding Balance in the Quest for Privacy

2018-04-16 3 min read Fergus
Privacy is incredibly important to me. It’s what stops bad guys from being able to commit identity fraud. It’s what stops dictatorships from eliminating dissent, and allows whistleblowers to stand against corruption. It’s the concept that allows people to live a life free of persecution for their religions, their sexualities, or even their literary preferences. Alas, there’s a murkier side to privacy; the side that allows the bad guys to do their thing, the one that covers up horrific abuses, and cloaks abhorrent plots to disrupt, kill and maim. Continue reading