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Stop with the one function Javascript "libraries", please.

2018-04-12 4 min read Fergus
I get it: you need some CV-filler. The job market is competitive, and getting your name out there is important, but can you not do it by publishing 5 line npm modules, please? You’re actively harming the Javascript ecosystem. Enter the Reddit discussion “When a modulus call is published as a NodeJS package with millions of downloads a day”, and the story of one particular character who has published a number of one-function NPM modules. Continue reading

Exploring and Admiring The View (First impressions with Vue.js)

2017-10-08 8 min read Fergus
Make no mistake: I’m no front-end developer. The last time I was involved in anything that included a great deal of front-end work was about 2014. (Not that you’d know if you read my recruiter-spam.) That said, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Javascript (I know - masochist, right?), I know my way around a CSS pre-processor like Sass or Less, and I can set up a pretty nifty front-end workflow using Gulp. Continue reading