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Utilising the Docker Engine API

2018-04-29 3 min read Fergus
Docker has cemented itself as a mainstream technology, not only for the development and deployment of web services, but also the isolation of Linux applications that need to be ran in a controlled or sandboxed environment. Whilst the docker CLI is brilliant, it can be difficult to expose this to custom utilities, or to present it’s output in a user friendly way - such as the way that Docker Swarm Visualizer does. Continue reading

Fedora Linux on a MacBook Air. Easy.

2018-03-14 5 min read Fergus
I’ve previously written about going over to Linux full-time, and abandoning my aged Macbook Air for everything other than simple admin tasks - letters, spreadsheets, and the like. Since then I’ve also decided to go for Linux - in this case Fedora - on the Macbook Air too.. and it was quite easy. In the past 6 months or so Apple has been the subject of numerous concerning new stories - stories that may boil down to either gross QA failures, or gross security failures… either way, it doesn’t inspire confidence! Continue reading

Developing for Linux on the Desktop: dbus

2017-11-04 10 min read Fergus
I’ve previously written about how I feel Linux is a great OS for developers: it’s insanely configurable, it’s easy to customise, there are distributions to suit whichever level of stability you require, and the community around it is thriving. But what about developing for Linux, as opposed to on Linux? Although language choice isn’t much of an issue, there’s clearly a lot more than the language that goes in to developing a working application. Continue reading

Vim for Productivity and Profit

2017-10-16 5 min read Fergus
If retro mailing list flame-wars taught us anything, it’s that the advent of the personal computer provided mankind with a great unanswered question. A question that should rightly take it’s place amongst those other great questions such as “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”, or “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. That question is of course, “emacs or vim? Continue reading