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You should probably learn how Git works.

2018-07-17 8 min read Fergus
Imagine a carpenter who couldn’t use a chisel, or a plumber who didn’t understand piping. A pretty ludicrous thought, right? After all, those are key parts of the job. In a rather familiar story though, Software Development breaks the norms.. Strap yourselves in, this could be a long one. One of the most vital tools in a Developer’s toolkit is source control, and in much (most?) of the industry this means Git. Continue reading

Scaffoldr: Automation for new projects

2018-04-01 2 min read Fergus
Software Development is an industry built upon the concept of libraries - reusable packages of source code aimed at providing specific functionality, and frameworks - scaffolding and utilities to increase productivity via the convenience and speed. Therefore it’s fair to say that most software projects begin with the tedious task of configuring frameworks and installing libraries. For a web application that may mean installing your favourite framework, editing some configuration files, and creating the same user and authentication boilerplate. Continue reading

Meet Parcel: Because you don't have time for Webpack

2018-03-12 3 min read Fergus
I’m not a front-end developer; I often find myself having to work on front-end tasks, or rig up small prototypes.. but that certainly doesn’t make me a front-end developer. Back in 2016 I found myself spending a month working on a React SPA: after a 3 year hiatus of not doing anything front-end related - largely out of choice - I was absolutely stunned with just how archaic the tooling was, not to mention of inefficiences of npm dependency management… 700mb of dependencies for a SPA and numerous dependencies loaded multiple times: it was an “eye opener”. Continue reading