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2019-04-08 2 min read Fergus

So it’s that time of year again; one where I inevitably decide to change my blog, in the vein hope that this time I wont neglect it, this time I wont get embarrassed about the lack of activity, this time will be different! Well, we’ll see how that turns out.. In the mean time however*, you may notice a couple of changes:

In depth articles are not here.

Nope. If any post has a reading time of greater then 10minutes, then I’ve made a mistake!

This blog is going to be limited to quite short posts; longer posts - i.e design documents and technical guidance - are now over at articles.fergus.london. This is largely because I found myself with upwards of 50,000 unpublished words: which obviously doesn’t help with the motivation to keep a blog active..

Automated workflow via Hugo

In an another attempt at making sure this is actually updated a bit more, I’ve switched entirely to hugo, with deployment done courtesy of a Gitlab CI pipeline.

I do nearly all of my writing in Markdown as it is, so using anything else seemed like a needless step.

*Note: Right now there’s a few ongoing issues that may distract me, or prevent me from going in to too much detail about work/personal circumstances; I’m limited in what I can actually say at the moment - but all will likely be explained over the course of the next few weeks and/or months.